Safe and Sustainable Interim Housing

Rising accommodation costs, the long-term effects of the global pandemic and a potentially harsh winter season continue to compound and exacerbate the challenges facing those most vulnerable and at risk in our society, leaving Local Authorities facing the difficult challenge of finding efficient, cost-effective methods to meet the growing demand for safe and sustainable housing solutions.

For Councils and Local Authorities, one such solution comes in the form of the award-winning MODULHAUS™ system. Designed and developed by VOLUMETRIC™ – accommodation modules are based on a new concept that has been developed to exceptional standards for outstanding functional performance. BOPAS certified, with a sixty-year design life and focused on energy efficiency and superior quality, MODULHAUS™ offers robust, durable single-person homes built using offsite construction.

Using Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols maximises the benefits of modularisation, units are conceived to incorporate the highest levels of offsite added value. Modules are fully moveable allowing for the system to be located utilising Local Authority owned land that might otherwise go unused due to dereliction or the requirement for demolition. Advanced manufacturing facilities allow VOLUMETRIC™ to create bespoke, purpose-driven designs for a full-service package, equipping the modular homes with appliances, furnishings, utensils and creature comforts.

One of the biggest obstacles faced by Local Authorities and homelessness action groups is that of ensuring temporary and interim accommodation is both cost-effective and sustainable. With the Future Homes Standard highlighting the requirement for lower carbon emissions and more energy efficient housing by 2025, those in charge of providing shelter and accommodation for their local area now face not only a rising number of rough sleepers, but also a decrease in the amount of acceptable standard housing. Meaning previous methods of repurposing unused buildings will become less viable as the costs associated with modernising existing structures to meet standards becomes prohibitive.

It was with these issues at the forefront of the MODULHAUS™ concept, and with VOLUMETRIC’s robust design and testing, that from conception to manufacture to installation, the MODULHAUS™ system has been developed to exceed the Future Homes Standard. Fully non-combustible building fabric, renewable air technology via air sourced heat pumps and low carbon emissions allow for each module to run on a cost of less than £5 per week, making it a viable solution for those on low or supported income.

Of course, the housing crisis is not just about a decline in appropriate accommodation alone. There is a far bigger picture to see and for those at the forefront of local and community services, the pressure to meet demand extends beyond provision of residences. The homeless crisis requires more than simple relocation or expansion of available housing in order to meet the needs of those left without shelter, however, the utilisation of purpose-built systems such as MODULHAUS™ creates a unique opportunity to face these challenges head on.

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