The Adaptable Interim Housing Solution

VOLUMETRIC™ has been working with many sectors to address accommodation needs. From safe and secure living for homeless people to onsite accommodation for keyworkers – MODULHAUS™ can be configured to meet various requirements.

With the financial effects of COVID-19 continuing to pile pressure on those most vulnerable in our communities, and the strain on our healthcare services still evident, concerning figures regarding the UK housing crisis demonstrate why the provision of quality, temporary homes remain a top priority.  Designed by VOLUMETRIC™ a specialist manufacturer of rapid build solutions, MODULHAUS™ utilises modern methods of construction to achieve outstanding functional performance and energy efficiency – exceeding Future Homes Standards and delivering net zero accommodation.

Onsite Keyworker Accommodation

Despite the disruption to the economy by the pandemic between 2020 and 2021 UK housing prices increased by 8.5%. This coupled with rising rental and energy costs means that for many keyworkers owning or renting a home is extremely challenging. Recent industry analysis published in ‘The Guardian’ showed that keyworkers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic would not be able to afford to buy, “the average priced home in 98% of Great Britain.”

Not only does this mean home affordability is way beyond the means of many, but research from Citizens Advice shows that fuel poverty is also a major issue with 21% of keyworkers falling behind on their bills and one in five people considered vulnerable in arrears. One of the biggest obstacles currently facing the NHS as outlined in their long-term plan is the gap in workforce numbers as recruitment and retention decreases. Based on current trends, the total shortfall of healthcare staff by 2030 could reach 250,000. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of accommodation in areas of greatest need.

MODULHAUS™ homes offer a viable and cost-effective option for NHS estate managers. Built for adaptability with a 60-year design life, MODULHAUS™ has numerous options for configuration and fit out – making it a highly adaptable asset which can maximise the potential of unused estate space including over car parks. Stackable, interlocking units can create secure onsite keyworker accommodation.

Modular Homeless Solution

According to studies, 668 people died while homeless in England and Wales in 2020. Meanwhile, homelessness-related deaths in Scotland presented an increase of nearly 20% year on year, with 256 estimated mortalities. The current UK system for temporary housing relies heavily on costly temporary and hostel accommodation, creating a system whereby long-term housing issues remain unaddressed. Leaving many trapped in a cyclic system of permanent instability, limiting the possibility for rehabilitation, employment, and reintegration.

Adaptable, interim housing must be the answer. For those affected by homelessness, MODULHAUS™ promotes a pathway back to independence. The solution offers greater dignity whilst relieving the burden on Local Authorities and Councils of ongoing expenses associated with traditional temporary accommodation.

MODULHAUS™ is super energy efficient, costing less than £5 per week to run – meeting the guidelines outlined by the Future Homes Standard and negating fuel poverty. Addressing the need for efficiency, MODULHAUS™ homes feature low-energy lighting, as well as fixtures designed to minimise water and energy wastage. LABC Assured with a 60-year BOPAS Certified design-life, MODULHAUS™ homes are future-proofed for Building Regulation changes.

Arriving 100% complete ready for simple site connection and commissioning – design features include ergonomic internal fully fitted living space with furnishings, bedrooms, shower-rooms and kitchens complete with white goods – modules are provided on a turnkey basis, fully equipped for immediate occupation. While these benefits have already provided much-needed relief for those experiencing homelessness, MODULHAUS™ homes also have the efficiency, practicality, and adaptability to give a unique opportunity for investment in keyworker housing.

Article first shown in Offsite Magazine